Welcome to Wholehearted Boxers Vividthreads Dog Apparel Collection
Welcome to Wholehearted Boxers Vividthreads Dog Apparel Collection

Bourbon's First Ad ~                                                Design by Jennifer Walker~                                             Seen in the Boxer Daily Magazine


Inspiration behind Bourbon’s name




In 2010, I crossed over-the-pond to Scotland for a business trip, rich in spirits,food, hospitality, with green rolling hill sides tucked in the horizon. Majestic mighty Castles, a once seen, never forgotten kind of place. The ‘Old Town’ which is in Edinburgh, has an awesome castle perched on an rock created a long-extinct volcano that erupted over 320 millions years ago, there was a medieval city developed from the early 12th century. Stands the ancient Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official residence in Scotland of the British royal family, and the famous ‘Royal Mile’ linking castle & palace has to be one of the most beguiling streets of any city in the world. The leading townspeople wanted out so they relocated to new suburbs across the Nor’ Loch , now it’s know as ‘New town’ even though its been 200 yrs old, during George lll’s reign. Now both parts collaborate to make great metropolitan feel with refined ordinary folk. The August Festivals are what people look forward all year round, a tradition over 50 years. I was able to be apart of the 60th anniversary, Tattoo’s new royal title, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  Wow! what a production show with crowds cheering, top marching band from all over the World, USA present, Bagpipes blowing, drums playing, center stag displays an Grand Castle for a back drop & much more, filled of dramatic entertainment throughout the night. Ending the ceremony with fantastic vivid colors filling the sky, fierce fireworks show to end a spectacular memorable night. Many highlights of my trip included; visiting four distilleries in the region & played on the famous golf course, ( St. Andrews Old Course ). I was part of, opening a 1955 vintage sherry cask scotch, and tasting over 30 different scotches. I was one happy individual! Traveling the county side with all its glory taking in the fine architectural details, mixing elaborate metal work throughout the towns. Among all the buildings were Royal Castles and Grand Cathedrals that were simply breathtaking, especially at night, the roof tops glowed. I was amazed how warm and welcoming everyone was during my stay, the memories will last a life time.




It’s no wonder why I chose his name… “ BOURBON “

Because they use Bourbon Barrels to Age the Scotch....



Than a few months later we received a call from good friends, Liz Bistline & Ginger Johnson that Izabella (Izabella A Top Twenty’s contender) had her pups,

and their was an exceptional boy waiting for us to look at.

Susan and I were over the moon with delight!

One special day he came home to stay. Our Journey has been filled with lots of laughter, warm cuddles, wet kisses, time out (chewing my slipper‘s) lots of patients, teaching, handling, social gathering with old & new friends.


We are truly blessed to have loved a handsome gentle boy, unconditionally.


Thank you kindly, to Liz & Ginger for a magnificent dog!